June 17, 2021

Going Broody

Baby Chicklin

There is a chick living under my husband’s desk. How it got there is a long story. Two things happened a few of months ago: my brother-in-law asked if we wanted his friend’s silkie chickens (which turned out not to be the COVID pets she had been hoping for) and Samantha started collecting abandoned duck […]

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At 10:10 PM

June 10, 2021

Recital Week 2021

faceless trainer teaching girl while performing ballet exercise

Last week was recital week. Two of our daughters performed: one danced as a butterfly and a swan, the other portrayed water on the aerial silks. (“On the what?” you ask. It was something like this.) It was a long week – the girls were at the theater part or all of the day Tuesday […]

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At 02:16 PM

May 29, 2021

Summer Reading

Here, for your laughter and enjoyment, is my Completely Unreasonable Summer Reading List. I really do want to read all these books, not necessarily in this order. Preferably soon. Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky) (the second half) The Iliad (Homer) The Making of a Poem (Mark Strand, Eavan Boland) Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire (Susan Tan) […]

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At 09:22 PM

May 22, 2021

Safe Harbor

out of focus lights on rainy weather

We did a silly thing. We went to a violin rehearsal, despite the flash flood warnings, with the thought that if the weather was really that bad, surely it would have been canceled. Trying to get home, and circling helplessly with all the other soggy cars on the south-west side of Lafayette, I was at […]

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At 09:01 AM

May 16, 2021

Growing Cobbler

The blackberries have come into their own. We planted a few unassuming cuttings given to us by a friend roughly a year ago, right at the beginning of quarantine, if I remember correctly. Our friend’s gardens are lush with life, so I had high hopes for any gift from her. We put too many plants […]

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At 01:11 PM

May 8, 2021

Shouldn’t You Be In Bed?

Here’s a little something for Mother’s Day. This happened in our house this week. 8:27 PM 3 year old to big sister: Hi. Big sister: You should be in your bed. 3 year old: I not want to be in my bed. Big sister: Go hug mom. 3 year old: I not want to hug […]

Posted by Christina
At 08:53 PM

May 1, 2021

May Madness 2021

It’s that time of year again: May Madness. Finals, graduations, recitals, Mother’s Day, and we have a birthday (7th) and wedding anniversary (16th) in our family to round it all out. Needless to say, I’m hiding in my bedroom with books of poetry more than usual. Still, it’s amazing to watch our kids blossom. They’re […]

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At 03:33 PM

April 24, 2021

Three Lines a Day

I heard one of the best writing tips of my life this week listening to an old episode of On Being. Naiomi Shihab Nye suggests to try writing just three sentences a day. That’s it. Three sentences. What happened today, what you see out the window, what you’re worried about. Whatever. I just imagine if […]

Posted by Christina
At 11:47 AM

April 17, 2021

Coming Down from the Mountain

I just loved this thread from Summer Kinard recently, about how what our world needs right now are “sea-level” saints. She says it much better than I ever could, but the idea is that as great as “up on the mountain” saints are, they’re not the ones physically in the trenches with our broken world. […]

Posted by Christina
At 03:07 PM

April 10, 2021

(Slightly Belated) Lenten Reading Suggestions

Now that Lent is over and the Easter season is in full swing, I thought it would be a good time (!) to share two Lenten reflection books that I really enjoyed this year. Probably I should save this post for right around the beginning of February next year…but there is little chance I’ll remember […]

Posted by Christina
At 05:27 PM


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