I am a 30-something mother of five living in Lafayette, Louisiana.  I have three daughters, ages fourteen, twelve, and ten, and two sons, ages six and three.  Two cats, one dog, a constantly changing number of chickens, and a small backyard that we are slowly converting into (mostly vegetable) garden.  It’s a good life.

I currently stay home with the kids—it seems we’re perpetually in the beginning stages of homeschooling—and my husband teaches math, Latin, and physics at a small Catholic school. Craig and I met at the Tulane Catholic Center. I graduated with a BA in Classics and Latin, he with a BS in Computer Science and Jewish Studies. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Theology, and is the best theological consultant, research assistant, technology manager, and gumbo-cooker a mommy-blogger could ever hope for.

In spare moments I like to read, sew (though small boys make having sharp items out treacherous), garden (although I’m better at the planting than the upkeep), and hike.  

I also write—(as yet unpublished) children’s books, poetry, and essays. I’m a contributing blogger at Mighty Is Her Call. I also have a poem in Issue 3 of Channel, and several reflections in the anthology Darkness Is as Light.

We are Catholic and we homeschool—both of which are constant sources of adventure. We hope the defining characteristic of our family is hospitality.

On that note, thanks for dropping in, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


Christina is a writer and mother of five who usually has a book in her hands and dirt under her nails. Grab a cup of tea, and come join the fun!

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