February 17, 2018

Jacob is home!


After 58 days, Lucy, Samantha, Clare and Issac finally get to meet their baby brother.

No more afternoons in the NICU (and dropping the kids off at friends’ houses.)

Since he came home Saturday morning, many of our NICU nurse friends and our most fabulous lactation consultant, who really held our hands through this whole process, weren’t there to see us off.  But Dr. Cudihy (who attended Jacob’s birth) happened to be there, which was fitting, since neither of us would be here without his help.

Still working on getting my milk supply functional.  I’m making enough in a day to be about half a feeding.  Jacob’s appetite is growing faster than I can keep up with!

Thank you so much for all the prayers you have showered on us during the last two months!  (Not to mention the clothes, diapers, gift cards, meals…it’s a long list.)  Now we just have to work out this whole having-a-baby-at-home thing…again.  It gets easier, but it’s still new every time.  This time around we have so much help – Lucy is preparing formula bottles, Samantha is folding clothes, Clare is (reluctantly) disposing of diapers, and Isaac is showing Jacob his toy power tool set.  My mom and brother are here for the weekend, so the dishes are always clean.  Everyone if fighting for baby-holding privileges.  I think we’re just excited to finally start this adventure together, as a family.


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