March 12, 2021

A Musical Mate Latte

So…we painted a piano green.

In our defense, the sound board is warped, and it won’t hold a tune anymore. But we didn’t want to put it on the curb…so we’re turning it into a planter. (Can’t you just imagine some purple basil in there?)

I thought I was painting it a nice deep sage green, but something comes over me when I look at paint chips. This color is listed as “Mossy Bench,” but the members of our family agree it’s closer to “Day-Old Mate Latte.”

So we are dedicating this piano-planter to Pope Francis, as he is well known to love mate, the traditional Argentinian beverage. (Though I expect he likes his fresh, not day-old.)

Now it just needs a catchy name…something like Habemus Piano or Papa Piano or The Mate of Music. I’m open, as usual, to suggestions.

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