September 11, 2021

Things to do When You’re Not on the Trail

I couldn’t think of an exciting topic to discuss this week, so I thought I’d put together a list of a few resources that I’ve been enjoying lately, some for homeschooling, some for personal growth. In no particular order, here they are.

If you’ve ever wanted to read Dante’s Divine Comedy felt too intimidated, this site is ready to help you take the leap. Videos and commentary for all three books, plus the full text. The 100 Days of Dante series just started September 8, so now’s a great time to start.

This is my favorite poetry podcast. I’ve fallen off of it lately, to be honest, but Pádraig Ó Tuama’s voice is unbelievably soothing, and his reflections are always insightful. It makes folding laundry a joy.

The Daily Poem is my friend’s favorite poem podcast, which comes out every day and thus can satisfy your desire for beautiful language when you’ve listened to all the past episodes of Poetry Unbound (or if one poem a day isn’t enough for you!)

Sarah Mackenzie does a great podcast on reading aloud with kids, and how to make it work in your home and/or homeschool. Her booklists are also fabulous. When I need to find something for one of my kids to read or for picture book ideas, I often turn here first.

And, speaking of books: last but not least, our dear public library. We hit the drive-thru at least once a week, and bring home stacks of books like the one above. (Also, if you haven’t read DANDY, right there in the middle of the photo, you should.) Our library’s millage (roughly 40% of its budget) is up for renewal in November. Rest assured, I’ll have more to say about that as the date gets closer.

That’s it! There are so many great resources out there these days to make life more interesting, I often find it overwhelming. But I hope one or two of these peaks your interest. Happy weekending!

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